Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Genesee County Legislature is ....

...full of simpering whiny children without a shred of courage to be found between all nine members.

That's right, you heard me; I'm back for better or worse.

They have wet dreams about selling the county nursing home, they can't wait to destroy the nationally acclaimed Genesee Justice program and they won't stop there.  What's on the chopping block next year?  I suppose we'll find out the hard way, just like we do every year.

This is a group of 'lawmakers' who are ideologically challenged to the worst extreme.  A cabal of morons, know-nothings and sycophants who, for some reason, don't understand why we're not thanking them for tossing everything that makes our county a decent place to live in the governmental trash bin.. 

Even a bread line full of Republican Party electeds can't seem to sway these blind ideologues from their appointed path this time around and that should give all of us pause.

The Chairwoman of the legislature, who I have always found to be a decent, well-meaning person, made this statement yesterday regarding Genesee Justice:

"The people who have come forth on this particular issue are people I respect," said Hancock. "These are people who don't usually take such strong stands on issues. I know they like us. They're not against us, but they're wondering why we're doing this. They must be right, but strangely I think I'm right."

Yes, Mary Pat, strangely.  Strangely, the legislature and Consul for Life, County Manager Jay Gsell, can't bear to take the advice of law enforcement professionals who do this sort of thing for a living.  Even after being assured by that same group of professionals that includes top City and County Court Judges, the District Attorney and the Sheriff that Genesee Justice saves the county about a million dollars a year, our intrepid lawmakers weren't willing to back off.

That's right, please take your fancy public school learnin' and mathy explanations out of our chamber.  There's no room for reality in our ideology so kindly get the hell out.

In my opinion, this farce is even more egregious than the fight over the county nursing home (the study on that came back two weeks ago by the way and still has not been made public) because the nursing home issue involves a fight about whether or not we should spend actual money on a service.  Dissolving Genesee Justice involves a decision on whether or not we want to stop saving money by not incarcerating every individual who is convicted of a crime worthy of it in Genesee County.

I said this on The Batavian earlier today and I meant it:

I will publicly and vocally support the first legislator for re-election, regardless of party affiliation who steps out on a limb and demands that we do what is necessary to keep Genesee Justice.


BataviaBlogMistress said...

Well said, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Hancock sounds like a UFO conspiracy nut. "I don't care about your proof. My blind allegiance to what I already believe is the only proof I need." They know the (R) after their names is enough to get them elected so they know that by the time the elections roll around, their voters will be more worried about Dems than their own interests.