Monday, September 13, 2010

Sean Coffey For NYS Attorney General

Sean Coffey called me a couple weeks ago and asked me if he could count on my support in the NYS Attorney General primary.  I told him, 'Absolutely!' and I'd like to tell you why.

It's not because of the free beer at the DRC, or the super-cool 'It's Time for Coffey' thermos I have in my kitchen cupboard.  Although free booze and campaign knick-knacks are great, they don't mean much when it comes down to crunch time.  A good friend of mine has told me on several different occasions that the average American will take a free t-shirt from his worst enemy and wear the hell out of the thing.

So, why Sean Coffey?  Since I started getting involved heavily in politics a few years ago, I've had the pleasure (and occasional displeasure) of meeting quite a few candidates for local, state and federal office and I've learned a few things about how to gauge them.  The most important measure of the candidate, of course, is deciding whether or not they are qualified.  All of our AG candidates this year are capable and ready to perform the duties of the office, but there are a few simple things that make Sean Coffey stand out from the herd.

One of the issues I've had to consider this year is the state of affairs in Albany.  Our capitol has gotten so bad that 'dysfunction' has become a truism; we need an Attorney General who is not a part of the current system.  Sean Coffey is that man and he'll take office free and clear of any ties to folks who are part of the problem.

We need to elect leaders who understand the average New Yorker.  Sean Coffey didn't get where he is today by accident or by luck.  He is a self-made man and he knows the value of hard work.

Finally, I want to talk about guts and Sean Coffey has about a mile's worth.  The thing about courage is that it translates itself into all of the qualities that we should look for from the people who serve.  Fortitude, leadership, the ability to make difficult decisions and the will to stand behind those decisions are just a few of those qualities that Sean Coffey exemplifies and they are at the core of who he is.

You want someone to stand up to Wall Street?  Sean Coffey can do that.  You want a strong voice in Albany for housing equality?  Sean Coffey can be that voice.  You want your Attorney General to prosecute corporations who are breaking the law and polluting our land?  Sean Coffey is all over it.

In a primary cluttered with candidates, only one man has stood head and shoulders above the rest, only one man has the determination, the ideas and the will to get the job done right.

On Tuesday, September 14th, head to the polls and cast your vote for New York's next Attorney General, Sean Coffey.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I see you're supporting Sean Coffey as well. He's a great guy and will make a wonderful AG. Check out our blog!
Sean M Hennessey
Jefferson County Democratic Committee