Friday, October 29, 2010

Almost in the Home Stretch, Last Chance for Gas

Short and sweet today folks.

The GLOW region has some great candidates to vote for this year so it's time to put on your work boots and get them elected.

The GOTV effort starts tomorrow in both the 59th and 61st State Senate districts.

To help send Cynthia Appleton to Albany, send an email to or stop by the Appleton Headquarters on Main Street in Warsaw and volunteer your services.  I'm sure Adama will find something productive for you to do.

If you live in the 61st district and want to help me send one of the best and brightest candidates I've met in a long time, Marc Coppola, to the State Senate then contact Lorie at or myself at

Winning elections is simple, but it's never easy.  There is no substitute for effort and we'll need a lot of it over the next 100 hours or so.  The Yanks aren't in the Series, the Bills are going to lose on Sunday and the Sabres play at night so get in touch with us and spend your weekend doing something you can be proud of.

Now, let's GET OUT THE VOTE and show Carl Paladino and his merry band of misfits why Deomcrats do it better.

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