Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Genesee County Democrats Call for End to Paladino’s Hate-Filled Rhetoric

County Democratic leadership is requesting that their friends on the Genesee County Republican Committee join them in denouncing Carl Paladino’s recent hateful remarks about gay and lesbian New Yorkers.

County Chairwoman Lorie Longhany said ‘Paladino has made a name for himself by making inflammatory statements, but, in light of recent violence against gays and the increase in suicides around the country, we think it's time for members of both political parties to draw a line and denounce Mr. Paladino's inflammatory rhetoric.’

Committee member Chris Charvella also mentioned the recent deaths.   ‘Last month a high school kid in Indiana was bullied so severely at school he took his own life.  Just last week a college student here in New York committed suicide after being outed by his roommate.  All of this happened because they were gay.  As a society, we have to be better than this.  Instead of loving his neighbor; Carl Paladino is fanning the flames of hate.  We find that unacceptable.’

The Genesee County Democratic Committee is inviting their Republican counterparts to stand together against the sort of hateful speech that helps to destroy the lives of our young people.  While opinions may differ, an understanding must be reached that all citizens must be treated with dignity and respect.

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